What can I help you with? I can assist with the full-scope of gas fitting and plumbing services. Need to fix a faulty gas appliance? Want to convert an LPG gas line? Want to set up an in-wall gas fireplace? The Gas Plumber can help you with all these requirements or meet you at your place to provide a solution for your custom project.

Gas Leak Detection

If you suspect a gas leak, The Gas Plumber is here to help you. All leaks are dangerous and pose not only a fire hazard, but an unsafe health and safety risk for your family. Whether the leak is in the line, in a connection, in the appliance or elsewhere, I can help with detection, repair and servicing once the appropriate action has been determined.

I provide emergency leak services to any residential or commercial properties to ensure your family and business is safe again as quickly as possible.

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Gas Line Installation, Repairs & Servicing

The Gas Plumber offer gas line installation, repair and servicing for any gas appliance including fireplaces, ovens, cooktops, hot water systems, BBQs, flued and unflued room heaters, commercial kitchen cookers, outdoor radiant heaters and more. I am fully licensed and qualified for any residential or commercial grade appliances.

With every job, I will ensure that you have the right choice for your gas piping and supply line needs, including a solution that is fully tested and approved.

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Keep warm in winter, whether you’re inside or out with The Gas Plumber. I enjoy all personal and project-based heating solutions including the installation, repair or servicing of modern gas fireplaces, efficient flued and unflued in-room heaters, or outdoor over-head radiant heaters. If you’re in need of a heating solution, I can provide a tested and approved option.

Start with a home visit for an on-site survey for a system that is best-suited and appropriate gas heating system installed in accordance to your house size and water consumption in your home.

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Kitchen & Outdoor Appliances

The Gas Plumber offer fast and reliable servicing and installation for gas appliance equipment from a wide range of manufacturers. From residential gas stoves tops, wok burners and BBQs, through to commercial grade restaurant grills and ovens, I can get you up and cooking by managing your project from start to finish.

Whether your gas appliance is for home or your business, you will need to get advised by a licensed gas plumber on the correct safety measures and how to maintain your new gas appliance.

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Hot Water

In selecting the right hot water system for your property, you need to consideration different factors such as the number of people, distance from heater to output and your budget. I am also always conscious of energy efficiency as I understand that a high-energy efficient water system will save you money in the long run.

You, the owner, are always my top consideration for every water heater system solution. On-site conversations and quotes are crucial to keeping your water running hot.

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LPG & Natural Gas Conversions

Fire up your BBQ for the summer with the correct conversion of natural gas and LPG. Natural gas conversion is never a job for an amateur and best left to licensed gas fitter. The majority of BBQs are designed to be used with LPG gas and not natural gas, so a professional conversion needs to take into account the value, regulator and hose connections.

While natural gas is a more cost-effective solution to LPG in properties with access, a poorly implemented conversion can be very costly.

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